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Amir Killah vs. John Schulz
MMA fight Amir Killah vs. John Schulz.
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Skyrim quest bug help Selveni Nethri escape the cave
if your quest for saving Selveni Nethri is bugged and she wont leave the cave, just give here a quick arrow to the butt.... yet another skyrim bug.
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Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Troll Battle
Quick Xbox 360 Demo combat display
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How To level Alteration Quickly in Skyrim
this video shows the xbox dashboard skyrim "wait" bug which reduces 24hr wait times by about half, it also shows how to level Alteration quickly using magic reducing items and detect life which can be purchased after you hit 50 alteration, or found on the quest line where you help the dog meet up with his master.
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Marvel Heroes Deadpool Gameplay
Sorry no commentary, deadpool gets a nice teleport at level 30!
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Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Character Creation
Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Character Creation from the Demo on xbox 360
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Convertible minivan
convertible minivan i saw in Paw Paw Michigan, had to stop and film it!
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Ps Vita remote play
Remote Play Castlevania SoTN from PS3 Latest PS3/PS vita rumor posted by IGN here: http://psp.ign.com/articles/121/1213470p1.html
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Diablo III How to Farm staff of herding plans
Quick run thru of how to start from menu and farm Izual for the Plans: Staff of herding.
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How to Level Conjuration Quickly in Skyrim
First have the Bound Sword spell selected, equip whatever conjuration / mana regen items you have, use the water pathing bug i posted on a previous video to agro some monsters then summon over and over. For the xbox 360 version when the hand opens up if you push x twice it saves you from seeing the entire summon animation and will save you alot of time. Enjoy!
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Diablo 3 Battle Rage, Bloodshed
This is a video showing the perks of the barbarian ability bloodshed.
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Max Level Max Stats Skyrim
Level 81, Every Stat Maxed, Main Quest line completed, Difficulty Master, Sky filled with Dragons, Mammoth falling from sky bug, over 139 hours of game play, and a huge fail by me not collecting soul shards w/ weapon used to kill giants/mammoths! Thumbs up for FAIL!!
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Uncharted 3 punch bug
Super fast Punching in Uncharted 3/Punch Bug Uncharted 3
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Infinite gold glitch Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning (Demo)
Infinite gold glitch Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning (Xbox 360 Demo) this may be corrected for the released version, unknown at time of posting as retail has yet to be released.
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PS Vita Remote Play Media server
Here is a video of the PS Vita using remote play to play video's from the media server... pardon me for the that's what she said mistake in the video. here is a link to the video converter: http://psvitagamer.net/topic/2708-how-to-put-any-video-on-your-vita/ and here is a link to the IGN rumor: http://psp.ign.com/articles/121/1213470p1.html
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Easy leveling Heavy Armor Skyrim (Water Bug)
You can level block, heavy armor, light armor, restoration, archery, destruction, conjuration, 1h and 2h weapons using this water bug in skyrim. Edit : this video was uploaded early after skyrims release i had completed very little of anything besides black smithing.
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Kalamazoo Body building 2010 PAB
Perry Blakes first Body Building competition
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1 Million Sheet Damage Barbarian
Just min maxing check out my 1 million sheet damage barbarian!
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Frost DK soloing Firelands trash (Pyrelords) 2.avi
second part of my DK pyrelord soloing technique w/ kill.
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Video 1 Radioactive Origins Marvel Heroes Omega System
got 5k points in the omega system and i'm showing you what they can get you! Test center subject to change!
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Marvel Heroes Deadpool God mode bug
Sorry for no voice over. Here is a bug thats been happening with deadpool, if you die you usually come back and can heal up but recently its been bugged.
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Halo 4 Legendary Ending (post credits)
Halo 4 Legendary Ending (post credits) Halo 4 Ending Halo 4
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Frost DK soloing Firelands trash (Pyrelords) part 1
This is how to solo Pyrelords w/ a Frost DK, it can be done without using belt boost from engineering however i made a couple kiting mistakes. see my second video for the kill.
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MarvelHeroes Emma was nerfed here's her new best pet
29 points and about 6kdps just junk now emmas unplayable.
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Marvel Heroes Doom kill
Sorry no voice over, here is a Doom Kill in Marvel Heroes, also shows the deadpool god mode death bug
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Easy Leveling Skills in Skyrim
There are several quests that can have you brawl against Mikael in the Bannered Mare in Whiterun, Brawl him and heal yourself over and over for easy leveling. you can also equip a shield and practice blocking. hot key light and heavy armor to level armor types
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Video 6 Psionics Marvel Heroes Omega System
got 5k points in the omega system and i'm showing you what they can get you! Test center subject to change!
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Super fast Barb farming build
faster than WW build updated build w/ video. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#ZSRQUX!ZYh!YZYYba sorry about the random chat (its not me), i was listening to a stream while farming this.
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Video 3 Nanotechnology Marvel Heroes Omega System
got 5k points in the omega system and i'm showing you what they can get you! Test center subject to change!
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Marvel Heroes Minimap bug
Marvel Heroes minimap bug
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Skyrim easy giant kill
my first dragon kill hinted to this video, kite the giants to the tower, and just fire away easy kill and lots of money for low level characters.
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Hearthstone Arena bug
found this bug in hearthstone arena wont let me play shows 0 wins 0 losses turns in Key then gives me a pack and dust but i never get the pack or the dust and it happens over and over again. Arena = broken!!!!!!!!!!!
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Marvel Heroes spiderman dragon uppercut!
sorry no voice over, here is a video of spiderman swinging into a dragon uppercut!
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PS Vita unboxing
2/22/12 PS Vita Unboxing, pardon the sniffles and sighs have a cold
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Video 4 Human Augmentation Marvel Heroes Omega System
got 5k points in the omega system and i'm showing you what they can get you! Test center subject to change!
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psp games not working on the vita 2/22/12
several PSP/PS3 games can not be uploaded to the PS Vita at launch, FF VI, FFXI, Castlevania : SoTN. Pardon the sniffles have a cold. check out this link for the latest rumor: http://psp.ign.com/articles/121/1213470p1.html
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I Begin A Journey.M2TS
my first video of journey gameplay
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450k Rend tics
Huge Rend tics, over 450k tics, i've had some over 500k as well. here is a copy of the build to stack damage. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#acVQRP!YZX!bZZZaZ and my profile (this was taken with my xp gear) http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Mordiaken-1745/hero/5192613
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Kingdoms of Amalur Blood Squirt
funny blood squirting chat with a NPC
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Video 7 Arcane Attunement Marvel Heroes Omega System
got 5k points in the omega system and i'm showing you what they can get you! Test center subject to change!
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Marvel Heroes Nerf's Emma Again
Proof that wolverines basic attack does more damage then emma's "OP" pet. but she still gets nerfed. i have a second video i will upload next showing one of the best pets she can now get with absolute JUNK DPS. Nerf the pet by 20% guys not like this.
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Marvel Heroes Captain America Low Level Game play
sorry no voice over, just wanted to show how captain can be really nice to play. throw your shield, want it back dash towards it, want it to hit more people dash away or at a different angle. if you have enough spirit you can throw shield, dash thru enemies dash back to your first location then have the shield hit them on the way back for an easy 4 hit combo pretty powerful at lower levels.
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Video 5 Neural Enhancement Marvel Heroes Omega System
got 5k points in the omega system and i'm showing you what they can get you! Test center subject to change!
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Video 9 Molecular Adjustment Marvel Heroes Omega System
got 5k points in the omega system and i'm showing you what they can get you! Test center subject to change!
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Faster than WW farm build
Here is a build i've been testing for fast runs. use merciless assault on furious charge to bounce around quickly. also if you tap sprint before you charge when you end your charge a tornado will appear at your destination.
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Marvel Heroes Hulk Gameplay
Hulk SMASH!!!!!!!!!!!
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First Dragon in Skyrim kill strat
this video shows the kill strategy for the first dragon in Skyrim, additionaly you can pull the mammoths, and giants over to the tower and they can not get inside, free bow leveling bring lots of arrows (went from level 4-8) killing the giants there.
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Kill Death Ratio 30/1 Modern Warfare 3
Near perfect match Pigbleeder goes 30 and 1 on Village in MW3
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Resistance 3 beginning
Just an introduction to Resistance 3
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Marvel Heroes group bugs
sorry for no voice over, several bugs associated with grouping.
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