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Skyrim - Top 10 Illusion Spells!

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Thanks to MiracleOfSound for the great music: http://www.youtube.com/miracleofsound
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sp4zt4zt1c (7 days ago)
Clairvoyance is useless. You have a compass for a reason.
Jammin G (2 months ago)
Did you know that there is a resurrection spell? I lost Lydia in the fight against the ebony warrior. I found that spell a week later. she was still on the side of the mountain and I revived her.
1:10 Why the rift?
verberry dom (5 months ago)
Omg it's count Dracula..!!! Wrong it's cockblockula...!!
The Bone Zone (6 months ago)
I hate how magic don't scale in skyrim why can't they add an enchantment that makes your magic more powerful...
Coolnicknameguy (7 months ago)
i spammed #4 like 300 times to level my illusion , took like 2 hours to get to 100
Adrian Marteja (5 months ago)
Spamming muffle better
Charlie Clark (10 months ago)
What is this illusion tree you newbs are talking about
Lemonhope (11 months ago)
Omg i didnt know daffy duck had a youtube channel!!! "The betht illuthion thpellth"
anthony harriel (1 year ago)
cock block
Raghad S (1 year ago)
This is freaking amazing! I'm starting Skyrim again cuz I ignored almost all magical skills when I played the first time. I'll definitely start with this category. I mean look at this!
Markie macfloss (1 year ago)
What are some other ways to get to level 100 in skirim
Tylergaming01 YouTube (1 year ago)
Thkyrim illuthion?
Mr. Otaku Productions (1 year ago)
I can always count on Smike for some good Thkyrim videoth
Orpheus 010 (1 year ago)
Do you get wanted level for using them?
Jameson Roberts (1 year ago)
you mean bounty. we're not playing gta
Jay Benn (1 year ago)
Ghost walk and pale shadow are interesting spells too.
Zhenquan Ye (1 year ago)
that Cockblockula just earned you a sub
CaffinatedSkeleton (2 years ago)
We are way more interested in the user name than the list
Protector 95 (2 years ago)
In Skyrim I did a priest build using custom enchanted priest robes with a golden ring for better restoration. So I mostly use things like vampire bane, sun fire, and the aura to battle undead. But since I get attacked from other creatures I love using calm and paralyze spells. Mass paralysis and emperor's voice are the best.
Jeff Mühlrad (2 years ago)
mom's spaghetti
FuckWestHam (2 years ago)
Jeff Mühlrad knees deep arms are heavy
With_2Gs (2 years ago)
muffle should be higher since you can level fast with it
Verdis Washington (2 years ago)
Thank you for this!!!
Bodhidharma Li Tieguai (2 years ago)
CockBlockula BOFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kit Carson (2 years ago)
Illusion is great fun until you hit higher levels in the game. Also you must be at least level 90 in illusion with all the perks for illusion spells to work on such as drauger and high level enemies. Then as you level up even if you are a vampire with the perk in restoration (necromage) illusion spells stop working and some never do work on higher level enemies. Invisibility also suffers from not working unless muffle is cast first on high level NCP'S. Illusion is great fun on such as bandits and other low level enemies but not reliable on higher level enemies. Illusion is perhaps the best skill to spam to gain perks for other skills, as illusion levels fast and once you gain the harmony spell you can level illusion in five minutes from 15 to 100 over and over to gain perks for other skills. However as an example of how illusion fails, when harmony is cast in town the message pops up, guards not effected by harmony. This happens even with all perks in the illusion tree. I have played through Skyrim a dozen times and found that illusion is fun at low levels on low level enemies, but best used as a tool to level up for perk points later in the game. Cheers!
KillerPilot 325 (1 year ago)
+Kit Carson you can dual cast the spell on console too...(very late reply....lol)
2day's Thoughts (2 years ago)
If you level up sneak, It will function as relative muffle(not 100%) and + the invisbility becomes quite a spell.
Kit Carson (2 years ago)
Yes this is true. However myself and many others play on console, we do not use a PC with mods. So we can only hot key two things. So a magic spell in one hand and a dagger or something in the other is the general way of game play. It is just a pain to have to keep going to favorites and changing and changing and changing. On PC you can hot key 8 or more things and the switch is almost instant. I always end up relying on the bow towards end game in any event. The only exception to that is if you build a conjuration character and let twin Dremora Lords kill everything. Lol! Illusion is great fun, perhaps the most fun in the game. The pacify spell is deadly for the most part also, they just stand there and let you kill them. A dual cast pacify on such as a Briarheart can save you from seeing the loading screen. Lol! Combine illusion with alteration for the paralyze spell and some magic resist and you are unbeatable. With resist magic you can dance in the fire breath of a dragon and it will not harm you. Same with mages, they cannot hurt you. It is a mix of skills, looking forward to the new remastered version, going to go get that as soon as I finish fallout 4 again, about half way through that again . Cheers!
Oh yeah yeah (2 years ago)
if you dual cast it will work on guards
Satan (2 years ago)
These picks are terrible! Not to mention you have to be a very high level to get expert and master spells so most of these aren't available to lvl 50 and under! I suggest you think and add detail before saying things you dont know
We Are Venom (1 year ago)
This comment needs to be taken down for the idiocy
Ricky Slick (1 year ago)
Lmfao dumbest comment ive read
Fantasy Connect (2 years ago)
Lewisisnowafox you don't have to be high level for expert spells, I'm level 16 and I have invisibility.
andressa moraes solin (2 years ago)
were i can find the spell invisibility?
[DJPyco5] (2 years ago)
*Where can i find the spell invisibility? (is probably what you meant to say right?)
Justin Heywood (2 years ago)
Nik G start the game and walk up!
Nik G (2 years ago)
Joaquin Reyes (2 years ago)
you need expert level illusion and once you have that you can buy it from the guy who masters illusion in the college of winterhold.
chris day (2 years ago)
What is the outro music called
G 12 (2 years ago)
where to get frenzy spell
Nahuel Angelone (2 years ago)
i really like illusion you can do this build : illusion assasin spells frenzy calm enemies dont run get all sneak perk get enchant until double enchanting get all illusion get one handed for daggers
Xenahx (2 years ago)
Do you know how to get the frenzy spell?
William Cordero (2 years ago)
Does the call to arm effect your enemy?
Rahul Verma (1 year ago)
William Cordero too*
William Cordero (2 years ago)
Thanks wasn't paying attention very well lol was to lazy to watch again
Geovanni Reyes Camacho (2 years ago)
yes, he said it in the video
I_AM_BATTLEFIELD (2 years ago)
at last ..... sovengarddddd . ........
Phyliss Ionescu (2 years ago)
is there a horse mods
Cj Calbick (3 years ago)
what armour is he using at 0:25?
Eska (2 years ago)
It's the Stalhrim armor from the Dragonborn DLC.
Gail Olm (3 years ago)
I play a basically moral character but wanted the Nightingale Armor and Nightingale Bow from the Thieves Guild for stealth archery. Using Illusion and Sneak skills, I was able to do an almost no-kill run (killing only Falmer and Draugr which I would normally kill in dungeons anyway). Throughout the quest line, I either remained undetected using Muffle, Muffled Movement, and Invisibility or used Pacify to calm those who I encountered (along with Quiet Casting, of course). The Illusion school of magic is definitely useful!
most used spells on my character: Frenzy Rout Pacify Call to Arms screw invisibility and sneak in general :)
@Sebastiaan Arbeitstein frenzy and invisibility are among the top 3 illusion spells used, the other one is muffle for obvious reasons... so I don't get where you're coming from
Larry The Cable Guy (3 years ago)
You said muffle increases illusion fast tryed it immediately starts going up thx
Gordon Austin (3 years ago)
cheers man I really enjoy your vids keep it up
Hect (3 years ago)
+Gordon Austin ... Also check out his FNAF content! **Cough** Sure you'll like it. 100%. Never forget.
Furious Bricks (3 years ago)
Haha someone watches YouTube Poop.
patrik männikkö (3 years ago)
Why would you want your enemies to flee?
lazymatts (3 years ago)
lol truu
Hect (3 years ago)
+patrik „paavikana“ männikkö Because it's fun to stab them in the back!
lazymatts (3 years ago)
+patrik “paavikana” männikkö i always wondered this
Lorenzo Vezio (3 years ago)
i want to level my illusion so i got the mystic gloves from drevis and i cant cast muffle indefinitely. i play on xbox360
mpg272727 (3 years ago)
I know this is a late reply, but the whole "no magica cost while wearing tuning gloves" was a glitch, and it has since been fixed/patched on the 360.
Laura Kimbrough (3 years ago)
I have a question when I first started the game and I was like level 3 I found his gloves the let me do frenzy is that something that special to them especially it just lets me do it for free I found it in this weird chest like in the freaking middle of nowhere
Laura Kimbrough (3 years ago)
And on top of that it had 52 handed on it
some dude (3 years ago)
Go cast your fancy magic some place else.
I4NI LIT! (1 year ago)
No loligaggin
Margaret Thatcher (2 years ago)
Whoa, whoa, whoa! Watch the magic!
I am Mezzy (2 years ago)
why don't you conjure me up warm bed
Scott Barnes (2 years ago)
Rosehip (3 years ago)
VAMPİRE !! Count Dracula ? wrong its CockBlockula
CaffinatedSkeleton (2 years ago)
(Late reply) oh yes indeed
Mr.Monzoni (3 years ago)
lol gamer poop
Joseph Austria (3 years ago)
How he got master spells with his level ?
Ev (3 years ago)
Probably made his illusion skill legendary
Prank CC (3 years ago)
For some reason my frenzy isnt aoe it just shakes the screen and only affects people I hit
swarm 3003 (3 years ago)
+Prank CC fury is aoe frenzy is specific
Prank CC (3 years ago)
+Issat Eira yes it is frenzy. I check it every time
Issat Eira (3 years ago)
+Prank CC you sure its not fury but frenzy?
Jack Downing (3 years ago)
How do you get the rally spell
Aldo Azua (3 years ago)
Your illusion skill must be level 50 then you can buy it off the court wizard in Solitude p.s I'm sure you can buy it off of other people but I bought it from the court wizard in Solitude
elia027 (3 years ago)
I am an argonian and I'm level 100illusion .I use illusion for invisibility
Harith Iskandar (3 years ago)
I need help guys. is there a CALM mod that makes everyone around you Calm? scrolls take too long to cast. i need this cos my followers keep on stealing my kills and i wanna do the heartbreaker kill move.
Micayla Martin (3 years ago)
what weapon were you using?
IvoryStrike (3 years ago)
My favorite school!
Pizzazoomman (3 years ago)
Dumbest spell is number 1
Tyler Parker (3 years ago)
Call to arms with a necromanced army... Death to all.
Liam Moon (3 years ago)
PLEASE HELP!!! I play on Xbox 360 and I do not get the red cloud/explosion animation when I cast it on the ground. Please help!!!! :(
Liam Moon (3 years ago)
@Krook Dogg i never did, its probably a permanent bug that you cant fix or something, and its really annoying.
KrookDogg FGC (3 years ago)
ever find a fix
Dyego Santos (3 years ago)
+Whiterun Guard lol ,troll mode On
Whiterun Guard (3 years ago)
+liam moon Delete system 32.
Franktaku (3 years ago)
How come in my game when I use the frenzy spell the red cloud animation doesn't happen when it hits ? Someone help /: it looks cool and i wanna fix it
Liam Moon (3 years ago)
Ok, i've just been trying to put up with it for now. The green animation still works on pacify, try using that a bit more because that is just as useful and still looks cool.
Franktaku (3 years ago)
+liam moon it is /: if you find a way to take care of this please lemme know.
Liam Moon (3 years ago)
Same Here, it's soooooo annoying. I started a dark elf nightblade and it is so irritating! :(
Franktaku (3 years ago)
It also doesn't work when I use my wabbajack
Reticle Quick (3 years ago)
I love illusion spells, I'm a lvl 81 dreamcaster, with 100 illusion. I'm virtually unstoppable on legendary difficulty lol. It's such an OP build
ItzAdri (3 years ago)
I like using call 2 arms on Serena before a fight. She took on 2 giants
CrazyXplotionz (3 years ago)
Where do u find rally?
Dazeencraft (4 years ago)
Do top 10 hoods.
Aidan Richardson (4 years ago)
dawsyn (4 years ago)
Smile pls tell me where to buy rally I'm at adept for the illusions
elia027 (3 years ago)
you can get it from Drevis Neloren in the hall of countenance in the college of winterhold
blake hurlburt (4 years ago)
Why don't you tell me were to find them that's why eso the channel is better
jaleelcarson (4 years ago)
Where do you get the rally spell
Lil Rapper (4 years ago)
for some reason my frenzy spell doesnt have an area of effect. Does anyone know how to fix this?
You and Me (4 years ago)
No I tried muffle and it got me up to 100 cause I did a glitch not telling how to do it
Whiterun Guard (3 years ago)
+Kids Kids No lollygagging!
BreakingDead (3 years ago)
@Rachelle Matthews Not that hard to do dipshit just cast it over and over again nobody needs to know they already know it dumbass
L Mar (4 years ago)
That's great we don't give a shit
Pumpkin (4 years ago)
I think the rage and the mayhem spells shouldn't be counted separate, the do the same thing.
They have different level caps, have different mana caps, and have different AOE's, you goddamn n'wah.
Alexandro Huerta (4 years ago)
Why do u guys hate him I don't u guys are losers
Cathy Cook (3 years ago)
+Alexandro Huerta yeah says you
Wei Zhao (3 years ago)
@Juha Komulainen You're sad. You know he's 8, and you still go hard on him. Get some anger management lessons.
Magnus the Great (4 years ago)
@Alexandro Huerta big difference
Alexandro Huerta (4 years ago)
@Juha Komulainen 8 and a half not 8
Jebaited{{ (4 years ago)
@Alexandro Huerta umm look at ur own fucking face and tell everyone again who is the loser u fucking bitch 8 year old
Alexander Staples (4 years ago)
Where to get these expert and above spells?
washabe (4 years ago)
Expert spells can be found in random places and be bought from vendors and Master Level spells can only be obtained, very rarely, in Apocrypha and can be purchased after having completed the co-responding ritual quest. For example: Illusion Ritual = Master Level Illusion spells Destruction Ritual = Master Level Destruction spells ect
Chris flores (4 years ago)
veteranzombiehunters (4 years ago)
One of the worst magic schools in my op, except for muffle and clairvoyance, which I use all the time. Frenzy seems not very good, after watching this it appears most enemies still target you… Definitely some cool ideas for spells though. 
elia027 (3 years ago)
invisibility is super useful
Dood, with the right perks and dual casting, the fear,rage and calm spells will affect everyone. Also, Muffle and Invisibility are incredibly useful and so is Quiet Casting.
Bob James (3 years ago)
I say restortion is better,all the damage a guy does can be reversed ,add nerco mage and the second life button
Ollie X (3 years ago)
@veteranzombiehunters The most OP magic school really. Mayhem and then invisible sneak you don't have to kill anything.. I went through all the Dragon Priest dungeons so fast because of that combo. Then double dremora lord for the priest. Illusion makes you literally invincible.
ben outlaw (4 years ago)
@veteranzombiehunters fahvos brah muffle fod hi vis nunon ahtiid vul zeymahmaar kot?
Travis Godfrey Evans (4 years ago)
My frenzy doesn't explode like your one does.
Zach Yeoman (4 years ago)
You're not using the area of effect spell then. If yours doesn't explode, then you don't have frenzy.
Reinaldo Rivera (4 years ago)
Make a top 10 conjuration spells
Joe Anthony (4 years ago)
I want to use an aoe spell that won't give me a bounty to levels my illusion quickly. I was thinking of using rally but I can't find it anywhere ! Somebody help please !
TheBisasam22 (4 years ago)
Use Muffle. It levely Illusion unbelievable fast, until like level 30 (illusion level 30) it gives you one point in Illusion PER CAST. Then its two casts and so on.
Kathy Hyde (4 years ago)
Ohhm hai base magic cost is way! Of
Lonesome Raider (4 years ago)
What's the point of giving your enemies extra health and stamina?!
InvinciBull (4 years ago)
give it to your follower/townspeople during dragon fights
Ant the Gord (4 years ago)
I'm going to sub to you just for the effort you go through to pronounce names in this game the /RIGHT/ way. I don't know of many other Skyrim gamers that pronounce all of the names right. (even if you do have a little bit of a lisp, it's not enough to mess up the pronounciation)
Alexander (4 years ago)
I really wish that the master spells could be changed to on target instead of aoe.
Atrox Emu (4 years ago)
top ten bows
hifizico (4 years ago)
how can i get invisibility?
mrjoni54 (4 years ago)
@Troy Hess I think it's at level 65 he sells the spelltome
Troy Hess (4 years ago)
First get illusion to Expert level, maybe around 50-80, and go to the College Of Winterhold and Drevis Neloreon sells them.
Charr (4 years ago)
Does Call to Arms affect the caster too?
elia027 (3 years ago)
bora yiğit öztürk (4 years ago)
how can ı buy the rally!!
bora yiğit öztürk (4 years ago)
dervis neloren
you need to be at least 45 on illusion to buy this from any court wizard or with the Illusion Master (forgot his name) at the College
Augusto Luís (4 years ago)
Requested by a username called Cockblockula HAHAHAHAHA ROFL!!! Somebody is watching too much Skyrim Poop XDDDDDD
Teinaava (4 years ago)
Muffle, illusion from 19 to 96.
Sukirai (4 years ago)
from 15 to 100
Enrico Caselli (4 years ago)
clairvoyance: just like in dead space.
Lauri (4 years ago)
Mass paralysis?
Sukirai (4 years ago)
That is an Alteration spell sir.
Tobygas (4 years ago)
Wtf no parylaiz ?
Kolby Petrosky (4 years ago)
parylaiz as you say it is in alteration
Raymond Vu (4 years ago)
harmony can level you up very quicky if you use in the middle of whiterun
Ken Laszlo (4 years ago)
Top ten potions (also draughts and poisons)
Ken Laszlo (4 years ago)
Top ten potions (also draughts and poisons)
Ken Laszlo (4 years ago)
Top ten potions!
Daquan Rushing (4 years ago)
I don't use clairvoyance, it leads me away from my objective
Lucas Bailey (3 months ago)
You’re going the wrong way 😂
Charlie (6 months ago)
Illusion is really good I’ll cast Calm on people who are trying to attack me, and then I walk passed them as if they don’t exist😂
Drew Black (8 months ago)
it's one of the worst spells in the game
Wild Bill (1 year ago)
dragon rampage 😂😂😂
"Count Dracula? No! It's Cock Blockula!" Gamerpoop S2
FroZy (5 years ago)
4:10 Not too shaby. Who are you? Lee from Naruto?
OfficialRAD (5 years ago)
a noviss ssspell for youwr quessssths and it makethsss u move fathsster
Bad Hanky panky (1 year ago)
Joey Hart (3 years ago)
do u kiss your mother with that mouth you Neanderthal
Joey Hart (3 years ago)
do u kiss your mother with that mouth you Neanderthal
Alex (3 years ago)
+goatfruits Well now we're all on the same page.
Alex (3 years ago)
+Tommy Tarzan Nice job defending a kid that you have no real connection,relationship, or emotional attachment to. He's just a nerd on YouTube that you feel comfortable around because he represents the social environment that you most likely have. Good day to you silly nerd. Btw this faggot doesn't give a shit about his fans. Oh and PS his lisp is ridiculous and his voice is irritating.
AuntJemimaLover (5 years ago)
Yo, Smike... Make one about the top 10 lootable chests!
HeyWelcomeToMyWorld (5 years ago)
Cockblockula from Gamer poop? xD
DoomBreather101 (5 years ago)
CockBlockula XD
Kajo Super (5 years ago)
CockBlockula i died hahahhahah
Nicolas277 (5 years ago)
Do Top 10 Areas With Best Loot
Adine the Wyvern (5 years ago)
Adine the Wyvern (5 years ago)
Where's in is
Adine the Wyvern (5 years ago)
Where's in is
Tharsan Uthayaseelan (5 years ago)
Will Skeldon (5 years ago)
Smike,do top 10 fatalities!

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