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Fat People Life Hacks!

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10 SIMPLE LIFE HACKS Make sure to subscribe before you leave! LATEST VIDEOS: Apply Makeup With a Sock: https: //youtu.be/29J5JPZJnWs Take Her Swimming on The First Date Makeup: https://youtu.be/9sZblVg02WA How I Earn Cash Back Shopping Online: http://www.ebates.com/rf.do?referrerid=7aP80t02tp7hZTcOn4RvgA%3D%3D&eeid=28187 My Fave Makeup Brushes: http://sigma-beauty.7eer.net/c/104790/146780/2835 Makeup geek: http://www.makeupgeek.com/store?acc=3ad7c2ebb96fcba7cda0cf54a2e802f5 Bellamy Hair Coupon Code: MayraG www.bellamihair.com LenaLashes 20% OFF Coupon Code: mayratouchofglam SUBSCRIBE TO MY VLOG CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCglk... Latest Video:https://youtu.be/9lAWenbBbE0 HOW TO CONTOUR, HIGHLIGHT, BAKE:https://youtu.be/Cf2p-va-uzs EYEBROW TUTORIAL:https://youtu.be/VKqwQnkzvTI ______________________________________________________________ FOLLOW ME FACEBOOK: Mayra's Touch of Glam INSTAGRAM: mayratouchofglam TWITTER: mytouchofglam SNAPCHAT: Mytouchofglam
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Text Comments (30381)
Jenny (3 hours ago)
Ok bbl 4 sure n now u have a big ass
CHiLLEN WiTH STiNA (1 day ago)
Bitch you tried it ! You ain’t even fat
Molly-Hannah x (1 day ago)
33.mil views?!
Queen Bee (1 day ago)
How do i make my legs get skinner in jeans??? :(
Dolphin lover (2 days ago)
She’s so pretty
Weird Peeps (2 days ago)
I don’t give a crap of what people think of me. My rolls are filled with happiness I don’t need no hackssss I am buttuflu and so are you
Just Love (2 days ago)
Why does she look like karina garcia? She's so cute💕😍
YNIC Rambo (2 days ago)
You have the body that is men love be your self trust me
Empathy Asmr (2 days ago)
Finally a video that doesn’t cover being fat with curvy or thick. Not a hate comment 💜
Love_Tea (2 days ago)
lauren kane (2 days ago)
Lol size 8 people be here too 😂😂
Rose Gress (3 days ago)
Not to be mean but u r sooo much prettier than karina
Rachel Vargas (3 days ago)
Hey girl tbh i think you look good with a lil belly !but either way
Prime Minister (3 days ago)
*fat gandoo*
Yocelin Trigueros (3 days ago)
Girl no u aint fat u thick & if pple call u fat just say oh u sure cuz i think ur wrong bc am thick 💞💞
G mika (4 days ago)
what r you wearing for self tan?
Imij Wiari (4 days ago)
She sounds like karina garcia and looks like her to aha 🤩
Waikeri Leathers-Moke (4 days ago)
yuh thats bc it’s her twin sister
Mina Naseer (5 days ago)
I saw this video title and I didn’t really want to watch it, but I feel what I want to say needs to be said so that’s why I’m here. Being “fat” is NOT a bad thing in any way shape or form (unless it is effecting you medically). A lot of people think that being slim is the only way to look pretty and I can tell you that is not true! Beauty truly comes from your personality and confidence. I know many many many woman that are slim but their personality doesn’t help with their looks. But in the other hand I see many many many woman that are “fat” and their confidence and personality easily makes then a whole 10/10. If you think your personality is slacking and you are “fat” .. and you beleive that ur not pretty. HON LET A RANDOM STRANGER ON THE INTERNET TELL YOU THAT BEAUTY IS ALL OPINION SO DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY AND DONT DO ANYTHING JUST TO FIT IN WITH STANDARDS AND DONT DO ANYTHING FOR ANYONE ELSE. Be pretty for yourself and learn to love yourself, that is when you will 100 percent start believing that you are good enough and that you are pretty!
anna (2 days ago)
You make it seem like being fat is as good as being normal sized... If you are fat it's unhealthy, obesity causes many problems like heart problems, also the risk to get cancer increases. Being fat is only acceptable if you have some type of illness that makes you not lose fat.
I’m 5’4 and 116 pounds I’m fat
rose quarts (5 days ago)
You are so kind I am going into a self weight shame right now and I really trying to make my self proud of my own body
Afia Navid (5 days ago)
Obviosly i am not fat derrrrrr
Yalia Becerril (5 days ago)
She looks a talks like karina Garcia omg
anna (2 days ago)
They're twins
shivani balram (6 days ago)
Gabby Gonzalez (6 days ago)
Youre not fat..and thank you for the awesome tips
ShortySmurf Blue (6 days ago)
You are not overweight,you are FULL FIGURED,There IS a difference. Your body type perfectly matches your beautiful face shape.
B M Farr (7 days ago)
I think you're beautiful!!!
ZASHA WHITE (7 days ago)
Omg this helped me a lot thank u so much for not being uncomfortable and sharing tips to help others that are struggling and btw u look very beautiful without all those “hacks”😁😘
snow rose (7 days ago)
Ur not even fat
Abbie Cao (8 days ago)
Hey you, yes you You are soo damn beautiful.
Galaxy Gurl (8 days ago)
I'm not fat,I'm just eatin' good.
fierrote (8 days ago)
What about wearing coarse sandpaper between your tights?? This will help you get rid, as you walk, of unwanted extra fat trapped in-between your thunder tighs... You're welcome Lighten up, I'm just joking... don't take life to seriously
fierrote (8 days ago)
Αφροδιτη Φ. (9 days ago)
Spanx are very slippery on me! So, they get down and stay under my belly! This is so bad! Any idea?
Adriana Torres (9 days ago)
😭❤ girl god bless you
cherry_1213 molino (10 days ago)
Are you garcia
Ashley’s Art (10 days ago)
Silvia Orellana (10 days ago)
i think you are very beautiful
Hessa Alderei (10 days ago)
Anita Devi (10 days ago)
What is that black dress called u r wearing in the vedio
Hailey G (11 days ago)
This is basically cat-fishing
Anukriti Jariwala (11 days ago)
Girl it doesn’t matter if you r overweight, go girl I love ur spirit xx
Blair/Food Lover (12 days ago)
you look like Karina Garcia
nicole st.denis (13 days ago)
Deodorant for the inner thighs! It helps with sweat and chafing
Moses Reid (13 days ago)
As a guy, watching this is terrifying. Its all a lie!
Tangrila (13 days ago)
workout twice a day on weekends and 3 days on weekdays. Eat until you feel full and no more. keep doing that and see if you remain fat. how bout that hack mm?
DrayaLoray * (14 days ago)
😂😂😂I definitely do most of these!!
andieandie (14 days ago)
Hair tie...😉👍🏽👍🏽
Janis Becker (14 days ago)
33 mio fat people watched this
Noregregts_Jay (15 days ago)
This is why my closet has no light colours 😂
SatanInSpace (15 days ago)
Could've been a little nicer in the title.
Howtomakestuff (16 days ago)
I can't really relate. My thighs touch a bit but other than that I am a thin person.
darwin tano (16 days ago)
I love your dresses thank you for this video it helps me a lot
khaikin rut (17 days ago)
if you losed 40 pounds you would be jaw dropping try to get motivated to get healthier :)
Melani Seedorf (18 days ago)
And that's why black is my favorite color❤
EDda Eboña (18 days ago)
This is not perfect......🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅
kitty lee (18 days ago)
Anyone know where the black romper with pockets is from
JJ (19 days ago)
If you are fat do exercices! looser!
HxP Edits (19 days ago)
Nah u ain’t over wait u just thick
Abi Gallacher (19 days ago)
From the second I opened the video I loved it
Either be proud of who you are or put in the work to make yourself look the way you want ... Cuz you honestly just teaching a lot of girls how to mask there insecurities vs Deal with them & address it ...you definitely one of those girls that just post on social media all day take a thousand pictures to make sure you get the right angle but then try to act like you the most Poppin popular girl because you get a bunch of thirsty ass guys that liked your pictures that you post half naked in...it's not hard to get likes if you're a girl and you post any pictures showing any cleavage ... We get that trick by now...you seem like the type of girl that would put people down by them not having as many followers or agreeing with you ...you can definitely tell you're beyond insecure about your body your face all that ... You are the definition of The Matrix
It's crazy to see how embarrassing and ashamed a lot of you girls are about your body ... If you legit need that much deception maybe you should go about actually doing it the realistic way to get your body to look how you want vs trying to do all these things to make people believe something else ...because you have to remember one thing when people see you in person and you don't look like your pictures because you don't have all the right angles and filters and all that stuff then what ...that's why a lot of guys dog a lot of you girls out these days and don't feel bad about doing it either ...because Rember you're deceiving us already by having to do all this trickery to make us think you're someone you're really not but want to get mad at us when we flex or we just loose interest because it was all deception
I'm all for looking more attractive but can we get one thing clear if it takes that much makeup and that much hacks for you to look attractive don't you dare put any one else down or shame anybody whatsoever cus that's one thing I can't stand...a girl that uses so much deception but then has nerves to shame someone else or say you're not that attractive you're ugly or something knowing what you had to do in order to look the way you do... Cuz I know that's a lot of bigger girls doing that now ...but yeah you have to use angles and trickery to look as good as you do but have the audacity to talk s*** to people or make fun of them just cuz you get a bunch of thirsty ass guys probably already have girlfriends boosting your ego don't let it go to your head!
Sike title should be 5 hacks to deceive people into something that's not real 1. Girls buy leggings a size or 2 to small to make it seem there body is tight & in shape 2. Pull leggings up past your stomach & pretend you have a big but while poking your but out cus it's small non existent or you just trying to hide that stomach 3.wear leggings every day & ask if you like my outfit 4. Wear black all the time to seem slimer then you really are 5. Take all pictures from the right angle then put other people down on how you look so much better knowing you deceiving people vs being humble & appreciative on your knew deception tricks These are 5 hacks that every girl lives by now
Jenni (16 days ago)
Hmm. And why do u think girls are going around camouflaging themselves with different hacks to appear thinner?? Id like to hear you answer thT "Mr. Sensitive"
Cate Dennis (20 days ago)
Your brows are horrible!
MCsimsie (20 days ago)
I’m so confused. You are not fat. I’m straight, but you are sexy as hell! This video should be called “how to look snatched!” Work it, gurl!
Chorvy P (20 days ago)
Where/ what sites do you purchase your clothing??!! I love you style, and romper is my fav!! I have the same body type as you! Thanks doll! You’re the best!
Michi Mus (21 days ago)
Great video!
Mama Bear (21 days ago)
A tip from me. Use diaper rash cream underneath baby powder for chaffing thighs or razor bumps exct. It works very good. I wear spandex shorts that cover my thighs under longer skirts and that works the best though.
You are NOT fat your just thick😂
yeah Sapphire (23 days ago)
U are not fat u are a beautiful and fat is just a word it doesn't change who u are inside
MACKENZYE W (23 days ago)
After people
Brianna Broyles (23 days ago)
Your not fat you thick
Carol Casillas (23 days ago)
GODDD UR JUST LIKE KARINA GARCIA!!! *reads a comment that its her twin* oh nvm
Pam M (23 days ago)
Thank You For This Great Video Sweetie. ❤😘
When I saw fat people life hacks I was a little sad until I realize that you said the beginning I'm a little overweight but it doesn't matter if you're fat skinny or just anything really you're pretty you no matter what
Ruth Michel (24 days ago)
Xp xxx pwxl Mmm o
ŠïÑfŮł _Føx (25 days ago)
I'm fat, ugly and short please just kill me
AnnieAngel The baby (25 days ago)
did she technically call all people who done have thigh gaps fat
AnnieAngel The baby (13 days ago)
​+Makynzee The Fat Hamsterif this isa fat people lie hack video and getting rashes between your legs because you don't have a leg gap then technically she said people without a leg gap are fat but no hat
No? She said us fat people, which have no thigh gap, get rashes between our legs called heat or chub-rub. Where da frick did she say that? 🤦
Paula Abrew (25 days ago)
A guide to lie yourself 😂 and others.
Tia Rose (26 days ago)
is no one gunna mention that fact she’s not fat whatsoever??? girl body goals what the???
Kimberly Clemmer (26 days ago)
You're a beautiful woman and have such a great personality & confidence. Personality & Confidence go along way and makes someone even more beautiful. Thanks for all your suggestions. I do some of them already and they really do work.
strawberrylover_x (27 days ago)
Girl.. I want those type of spanx what kind are they?
Moongem (27 days ago)
Here's another one - high waisted skater skirts with the shirt tucked into it - a belt at the waist helps as well. I've recently lost weight but I'm still not enthusiastic about wearing tight clothes that hug my midsection or have a low waistline (ie most of the outfits in this video). The style of oufit I mentioned emphasizes a hip:waist ratio and the fabric slanting outwards creates a smooth line from the waist down. I've basically stopped wearing pants and especially jeans at all. I've found that even at a helthy weight, jeans make me look fatter than I actually am.
Agape_3 Linao (28 days ago)
OMG 2019!! Anyway I can TOTALLY RELATE!! Especially about the hair
That loose/tight dress is so cute but I can’t find them anywhere😔
Susan Gamble (28 days ago)
Corn starch is better then baby powder
مي نايف (29 days ago)
Who’s fat?.....me
Lord Fred (29 days ago)
Southern Arora (1 month ago)
Omg I have a fat face too. It's actually just that our faces are round. You are gorgeous
sharaau siraj (1 month ago)
I wish I had your body
Lucia Martinez (1 month ago)
Are you Karina twin sister
Adrian Cantaragiu (1 month ago)
If you r fat your short
Lydvia MSP (1 month ago)
your pretty already but your confidence & act makes you 10x better.
shannon griffiths (1 month ago)
I'm not overweight but I get chub rub and it's so anoying
ihaydene (1 month ago)
This was in my recommendations. Is youtube trying to tell me something?
softxcute (1 month ago)
ihxydene 🤭
This is so mean of s video
kimmiecab (1 month ago)
Aww you’re so pretty!! Love this video so helpful for myself as a chunky girl haha
Tiffani Litzinger (1 month ago)
I Think Moto Moto likes you
Miley Humphries (1 month ago)
This is horrible nobody is fat it’s just their bones
Jennifer Lester (1 month ago)
Where do you get the spans? They are amazing.

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