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The only dating advice you'll ever need

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Text Comments (2024)
Senchy (1 day ago)
If you are a hot girl do this
Marc Sorensen (2 days ago)
Whats up chicken butt? Hahaha
Ubaid King (10 days ago)
What simps take advice from her lol
anonymous675 1 (10 days ago)
"All naked and stuff"...
Michael Smith (14 days ago)
This is a question. I really need mature advice. If you really love someone and want to be with that person but they said “Wait till he/she ask to be in a serious relationship with you”, would you wait or no ?
Hellas Boy (17 days ago)
All I know is Anna Akana is hot af!!!
Moonlight Edits (22 days ago)
When a person mistreats service staff on a date, remember that they are on their best behavior. Once they are sure of you, they will treat you much worse.
Don Wald (23 days ago)
Always the games, the endless games, with these thots.
hakaii (23 days ago)
CallMeCarton (26 days ago)
Thanks b! I’m not dating him yet, but I know it’s coming...
Ricky Nunez (27 days ago)
hey anna i really like your videos and you especially your smart and funny and this is a grate Chanel it really helps making me feel better about how i think and feel
DemiGuyde (29 days ago)
i just want one date with her so we can geek out about psychological and philosophical stuff XD
TheKrempist (29 days ago)
This advice only works for girls. Lets be real, girls don't like it when guys "be themselves" they want romance. lol no brainer. This is great advice for a girl though.
Vanessa (1 month ago)
I've just discovered your channel, watched a few of your videos and I've got to say: You spread so much positivity through your videos! Thanks so much for that!!
Bradford McDermott (1 month ago)
Your so beautiful anna😍
Malibu Stacy (1 month ago)
During the summer an active medium-sized penguin will eat about 2 pounds of food each day, but in the winter they'll eat just a third of that.
Stella Ng (1 month ago)
thx i love your grandmamas advice! also i love your halter top! pls share if you wish where is it from! thx! <3
Mars (1 month ago)
Jeez, that scared me a bit when she said Michael (It's my name)
Marcus Garvey (1 month ago)
women really do give bad dating advice
Mihika Patil (1 month ago)
You're the elder sister I've always wanted ❤️
enchantress7 (1 month ago)
Yes! It's all bullshit. Those dating gurus on YouTube drove me insane. No matter what I did, whether I followed their advice or not, I fell on my face.
Mystic Killer (1 month ago)
The background music is driving me mental
Danny Guillot (1 month ago)
Step #1: Be attractive Step #2: Apply whatever she says
directfunebru (1 month ago)
nice hair
Yu Suf (1 month ago)
yemi (1 month ago)
I agree with you. That's the best dating advice anyone could ever need (regardless of whether they "want it" or not).
Lapour Jenkins (1 month ago)
She's cute
Buck Anderson (2 months ago)
Love is the attention we pay to things. Women love in greater number and men with greater intensity.
EclecticMillennial422 (2 months ago)
THAT'S why partners who attach themselves to my hip call me clingy.
ᎶᎻᎧᏕϯ_editz (2 months ago)
I need this my boyfriend is going to hug me tommorow i need advice
da ne (2 months ago)
i ve been doing lots of work online and i think i am ready to take a slow trip down nice river.
Mgtow (2 months ago)
Never co-sign, avoid long distance relationships, no single moms, never get married, never lend money, always use a condom, watch out for foreign women that need a green card/marriage fraud, avoid bars & restaurants, pump & dump before catching feelings, consider a vasectomy, ignore women & chase wealth, never leave a condom around women, go full Mgtow.
charles joshi (2 months ago)
that animation is another level!!!!
Vaj Eye-Nar (3 months ago)
LOL a female trying to do the Not-Text game. Lmao
Mahatma Ghandi (3 months ago)
Thank you I do appreciate the honesty. I think there's a lot of garbage out there too. So many people telling us different things on how to meet. A lot of it is geared toward guys telling guys what lines do you use in how to do this and body language and how to read her signs. I think this is all garbage so I do appreciate the honesty. However I really honestly believe that we probably should be looking for best friends and leave it at that. I think that in the long run relationships are bad for men. The whole Dating Game big cost men a little bit more than it does women although some women are aware of that and and do make it a partnership but then the rain comes in the wedding and all that other crap and then the minute she's pregnant with his child she is locked into his income for 20 years whether she stays with him or not. She can leave the marriage anytime she wants and she will get the kid most of the time and his wages will be garnished for 20 years or so and he will be stuck sending her money for all that time with a kid he can't see everyday. I know women would never agree to a prenuptial agreement that said he could leave anytime he wants and when he does he will get the kid most of the time. weather changing gender roles I don't think the old marriage model works anymore. I think people do not have to get married. I think they can live in separate houses and be over each other's house as much as they want and sleep together every night. But when it comes do children men are better off being foster parents or adopting kids themselves or going through surrogacy which can be expensive but at least it's their kid and no woman can ever separate them from their child. So dating with the idea of getting married is not a good idea for men. We lose big time. And if the marriage last a long time to testiclea women are making. And if the marriage last a long time then statistically women make most of the decisions because it's more important to keep her happy so she won't leave so men give in more. Or at least they're more likely to give in. Mentally marriages but not near as many as women women are initiating over 70% of divorces. which tells me they are happy either in relationships. I'm glad that marriage rates are down it's not good for men. guys it's better to go your own way. Go mgtow
Spectra_0909 (3 months ago)
There is no advice that is really "helpful" these days. In this generation people cares about the looks and money. So if you are attractive and rich than you are the jackpot
Penguinator (3 months ago)
What if you hate yourself and don't like how you are?
Flirt Chatting (3 months ago)
Carolyn Liaw (3 months ago)
💗💗💗💗💗 never lose yourself
Sevalecan (3 months ago)
Anna, you're echoing the same sentiments I've had looking up all sorts of dating advice. It's all just a crock to get advertising money, or for you to pay for some silly course and give the author loads of money. Just be yourself is good advice, but people might take that to mean they should've improve themselves. Being a man, you can't generally expect women to initiate (even if you and I agree that they should). I've been working on improving my social skills and ability to initiate conversations. I've made some noticeable progress and honestly it's fun, and I don't feel like I'm changing myself in a way that is unrealistic. I am simply learning to talk to people I want to talk to. It does sometimes make sense to improve yourself, but you're also big on self improvement from other videos I've seen too. Keep it up.
Piers Spicer (3 months ago)
What if no one likes "the real you" (not an issue but being the devil's advocate is fun)
not human (3 months ago)
If you want to catch a fish ask the fisherman not the fish
Eric oung (3 months ago)
Thats such good info
Hossein Pourbozorg (3 months ago)
It's a great advice. Thanks
Dark Prince (3 months ago)
You remind me of samuraiguitarist but if he were a girl O_O
David (3 months ago)
Here's better advice: stay away from wrung out old road whores like this
bakuri batsashi (3 months ago)
be yourself but never stop improving yourself would be more accurate :) and i agree 100%
Democratic Communist (3 months ago)
People who say "just be yourself" are usually already dating someone or find it relatively easy to date. I mean it's Anna Akana for fucksake, she's so gorgeous, who wouldn't date her?
losa sakarosa (3 months ago)
hey michael i was just in the shower getting naked and stuff OMFGDOVIRENG
Ekwueme paul (3 months ago)
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John Cena (3 months ago)
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Danka42JesusIsMyHero (3 months ago)
How did I not subscribe to this channel years ago?
elalaouisosseynabil (3 months ago)
Girls, DON'T DO ANYTHING TO CHANGE YOURSELVES after reading this! You're beautiful as you are & YOU RUN THE WORLD FOR A REASON 😍 Guys always go for physical traits, sure, but learning how to make men really fall in love with you will probably prove to be invaluable... trust me... some girls just need to learn how to attract men with their feelings and not just by looks. No offense, but that's what made all the difference for me personally 😍 if you need a good guide on how to actually captivate a man with more than just your looks to make him fall deeply in love with you, i definitely recommend checking out ReelingHimIn.com 🙏 Personally, I feel like I was getting nowhere with all the different YouTube channels though until I discovered that site lol. gl babes 💞 🙏
tsh. bhu. (3 months ago)
Best advice ever !!
AVANI S (3 months ago)
Flonting top😘
Mahatma Ghandi (4 months ago)
The only real advice is to not date at all. Men need to back off and go their own way. Relationships with women are dangerous and women just do not value men anymore. We are becoming second-class citizens and they are not looking out for us. We're not really valued anymore masculinity isn't valued anymore. That's not to say that women don't like it once in awhile but after they get what they want then we're crap.
John Smith (4 months ago)
I completely agree. An asshole is only an asshole to someone who doesn't agree with them.
Madyson Dennison (4 months ago)
I love this
Hanson Thao (4 months ago)
But love is war 🤫
LG Voiceovers by Osagie (4 months ago)
I am not ready for dating. 😮🤔🤔🤔😣
I am bored (4 months ago)
Soooo hot
I am bored (4 months ago)
Damn you are fuckin hot
Felix Sky (4 months ago)
Hey Lady, invest in cat food stocks. I feel sorry for you, all women, and western society. I truly, truly feel sorry for you. When you're 40 and single and lonely and UGLY, you will regret this. I will take that bet.
Tert Memelur (4 months ago)
Although this does sound like a legitimate solution to the dating problem, it's built on the hypothesis that - being "yourself" is a thing, you have a defined personality - you can know this personality and choose to stick to it But when you truthfully ask yourself "Who am I ? What do I like ? Who do I want to be ? How would I naturally act ?" chances are you will find no answer. At least that's how it is for me. So like yeah ... be yourself, but who even are you ?
kacper wiskowski (4 months ago)
Oh, just an another "be yourself" advice said by 10/10 girl.
mijitman926 (4 months ago)
You’re so clueless. Hope you give chronic some more roast material.
alex vasquez (4 months ago)
Guys do not get Married dont get them Pregnant and do not take them to live in ur House.Just Pump and Dump.MGTOW FOREVER.
aLteRnAtiVe TrAsh (4 months ago)
Lol no one cares she said "Hey sorry i was in the shower all naked and stuff whats up chicken butt"😂😂😂
J4ckie (4 months ago)
Thank you for your pretty kind advice! It doesn't matter who you meet!! there is gona be someone out there in the universe for you and believe in your self and be confident! at the end of the day, you can just move on if things doesnt work out! Take it as a lesson learn and dont be jerks! The world needs better humans living in harmony together! Hopefully, you get to find someone you love and cherish! All the best and also i found this website particularly useful and i hope it helps you guys too :> https://bit.ly/2Vg9Nno
This advice maybe useful for women, tho I'm not sure about that. But what I am sure about, is that if you a guy and you're struggling with dating, don't be yourself.
Skittliciouz Disaster (4 months ago)
This... Was what I needed. Thankyou so much 💖
Uchiha 77 (4 months ago)
I’m gonna be single forever
Miguel Gonzalez (4 months ago)
your voice gives me a headache. I'm outta here. ewfff!
Miguel Gonzalez (4 months ago)
you seem to think you know a lot!
Miroslav Miljevic (5 months ago)
This really helped me, hope it helps you, https://bit.ly/2SUHVU7
ScrapersNbots (5 months ago)
*so you recommend lying to people* great advice
Partner Dancing Haus (5 months ago)
I love this so much. So many videos and books analysis men mind and give advices about holding your love and emotion back to get the person you like. It may true but loosing you is never a happy time. Just go for it
Monster Mashed (5 months ago)
Britaney Burnett (5 months ago)
Thank you very much. ....... ........ .😊😊☺☺❤❤❤😇😇😇❤❤❤❤
Dion Bridger (5 months ago)
The problem with "just be yourself" is that sometimes "yourself" needs work. I would phrase it as: don't try to put on some kind of act to substitute for putting real work into overcoming your flaws.
Denim (13 hours ago)
yes, confidence is made by one thing and one thing only; hard work
maria magen (5 months ago)
slardebard (5 months ago)
ANNA you are such a great dating coach, I bet you've had a bazillion relationships and got dis sheeeet tied down. Thank u gurl. Got dat expurionce dat nolege yeeeeea.
Hank Fountain (5 months ago)
Poor skanky woman.
Laya Francois (5 months ago)
Lmao my personality aint compatible with nobody
TOOL RIFFS (5 months ago)
"Just Be Yourself" is the WORST advice ever.. Which self are we talking about here?!?!? We are all being ourselves for each situation that were in. Are you being yourself the same way you are at home vs work?? No..
Emmalee B (5 months ago)
“What’s up chicken butt?” Welp, definitely gonna use that one.
Kennedy Kiarie Gitau (6 months ago)
hi everyone ,if anyone else is searching for dating tips for guys try Panlarko Magnetic Dating Planner (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my co-worker got excellent results with it.
Warcraft (6 months ago)
cannot understood,,, best choise i guess will be just install dating app,,for example https://bitly.com/2S58G7R
Tough Love Dating (6 months ago)
Dating advice : HIT THE GYM
Diana Taichou (6 months ago)
FINALLY SOMEONE SAID IT. In my opinion, the reason relationships nowadays are so short-lasting is because people play these games, even subconsciously. Relationships need communication and trust.
Tauriel The Mockingjay (6 months ago)
I have a guy friend who I really like and we've known each other for 5 months-not a lot of time, I know-and we're both always being ourselves and we have the same views and I really like him, but he says he wants to spend time focusing on his career so he can be a proper boyfriend to someone in the future. I respect that, but I really like him and am afraid of losing him. Any advice?
Dragon Rider (6 months ago)
This helped a lot tnx
JackiRagnari Kattegat (6 months ago)
Shut up women
Lily Val (6 months ago)
Lol your so cure & funny. The books joke. Nice acting. Lol
Mello Mentoring (6 months ago)
I agree with being yourself to a point. Being real is much better than being fake or trying to be someone your not. But confidence is key. Chances are if you have the confidence to be yourself regardless of what others think about it, you don’t need much dating advice. Also, it’s always good remember none of us are a finished product rather we are all works in progress. So being yourself is great, as long as you know you should always be trying to grow and get better as a human :-) keep up the good work miss
jurek styk (7 months ago)
Your advice to be yourself would be accurte like 100 years ago. I was watching some other of your videos and I need to say that I never wanted to be single so much before. Whatever...
Belaar (7 months ago)
This is terrible advice. Sure, it works if you apply it gradually over several dates, but nobody expects someone to be their crazy self from the start. You need to build report and trust by both sharing increasingly intimate details about your inner self. If you do this faster than the other person they may start to feel really uncomfortable, which is a really bad foundation for a successful date.
tariq bensghir (7 months ago)
his secret to have love with his man http://bit.ly/secretobsession24
Mark Robinson (7 months ago)
They're right when they say ppl play too many games. @DustinT: Just hit up UnbreakableConfidence com.... I used to think the same thing as you.. .that it's all about money and looks. It's not. I met my wife-to-be using the stuff talked about in those books :)
MordecaiD _ (7 months ago)
You’re so awesome! I’m a huge fan!!

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