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The Do's and Don'ts of Dating - Dating Advice for Women

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WORK WITH THE LADIES COACH ONE ON ONE: theladiescoach.com/coaching GET THE TOP 10 RELATIONSHIP TIPS NOBODY IS TALKING ABOUT: http://bit.ly/2vZgcs0 LISTEN TO OUR PODCAST: iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/talk-listen-change/id1283520003?mt=2 Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/2IDoeQztNgoBSF1t1po5dp?si=gxOo76OMQla-gWG8qFwy9A SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/talklistenchange YOUR GUIDE TO BECOMING HAPPY, OPEN & TRUSTING IN YOUR RELATIONSHIPS: http://amzn.to/2xCN4tO VISIT THE LADIES COACH http://www.theladiescoach.com LIKE THE LADIES COACH: http://www.facebook.com/TheLadiesCoach FIND ME ON INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/TheLadiesCoach _________________________________________________ So, as you know, TLC is ALL about relationships. And we obviously talk about a whole-lotta (I made that word up) shizzz but today I am going to represent my single ladies in the dating world. What I am finding, is there are some crimes being committed by my beautiful ladies who are out there mingling, especially on DATES! Have you ever wondered why you or your girlfriend never got a call back from what you thought was a "lovely" date? Or maybe wonder why all your dates end with a big fat FAIL? Todays TLC Thursday video is going to tell you what you may have been doing wrong and how to be successful with your dating!
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Text Comments (146)
Ella Mahalia (2 years ago)
Thank you! This was great
34thstreetman (5 months ago)
Stop being picky. Men date fat girls, women date poor men. Problem solved. And men start acting like men.
Nerim Abaz (1 year ago)
Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else needs to find out about blind dating tips try Panlarko Magnetic Dating Planner ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my mate got great success with it.
lefter tiberiu vlad (1 year ago)
Just wonderful, I have been researching "date advice for women" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about - Honulian Fascination Inveiglement - (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my m8 got great success with it.
Steve T (1 year ago)
+Vegan With Ella This was great, thanks, been searching for "women's advice to men" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across - Honulian Fascination Inveiglement - (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my friend got amazing results with it.
You said "don't show your crazy side yet"?!! Thats awful. No, trust me. Let him know if you're crazy right away so you don't blindside him months later. Dont be fake!
Kevin Johnson (3 days ago)
I totally agree
Eclectic Reader (13 days ago)
@The Ladies Coach, I'd like to have a date with you :)
Mochilas Wayuu Bags (1 month ago)
dont be a materialistic self entitled btch
Flirt Chatting (1 month ago)
You must read these beneficial dating advice http://www.findersblog.com/facts/dating-advice
buu Ho (1 month ago)
Dont believe what women say, watch what they do. Yall female dont offer anything good for a man, except giving birth.
Jennifer Barnwell (1 month ago)
Yes I have this probably when come to 🍲 damn I'm picking about what I like to eat.
Jennifer Barnwell (1 month ago)
Don't talk about your parents the whole 🕙 while on a date that gets 😫.
R K (1 month ago)
44 lonely feminists don't like this. I am the only one who scrolled down to look for feminazies comments?
Looking for validated and verified profiles...No more scammers or fake profiles http://journeyintolove.net/singles-global-connect/
Janice Hylton (2 months ago)
Lol @ crimes. This is true!! Lol
ali zahedi (2 months ago)
good tipr thanks
Crazy Life (2 months ago)
Hi Ladies Coach, I’m a man and it is amazing that 8 out of 10 women I went out on a date with, they always talking about themself and their X. Sad Sad Sad. NOTE. I think this video is one of the best video ever.
Mary Smith (2 months ago)
Cheers for this, I've been looking for "dating tips for women by men" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about - HootDating.xyz ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my neighbour got great results with it.
Ar Ma (2 months ago)
Idk I used to like a girl. Now I don't. Idk what I like anymore.
Anton tanauntean (2 months ago)
Thank you for sharing the advice!! Loving it. There's is a strategy to getting guys go crazy for you, discover more here http://youtu.be/n8jQy7QuXh0
FreedMan76 (3 months ago)
There's only one bit of dating advice women need: humble yourselves before the superior gender. Men don't need you. You're still single because you aren't worthy. Smile, be sweet, don't complain, do as you're told, and you'll never be alone again. Keep going down the feminist path and your future smells like cat pee.
FreedMan76 (2 months ago)
+Lauren Lee I agree with Tesla on the subject of women. I used to love them, then I made the mistake of marrying a feminist and we began leading women's retreats together. It was that experience that turned me into an anti-feminist. Once a man sees the darkness that lurks beneath the fakeup, for him there is no value to be found there, and no more loneliness. I'm the one who left and these days I'm absolutely blessed to be traveling on my own.
Lauren Lee (2 months ago)
Are you open to relationships with men or just none?
FreedMan76 (2 months ago)
+Lauren Lee my only regret in life is that I ever got married. I would never do that again and I've never been happier. In the #metoo era I won't lift a finger to help a woman. Welcome to men's liberation.
Lauren Lee (2 months ago)
I hope this is a joke
Wanda Anderson (3 months ago)
Just joined the dating scene. It's not what I'm used to. I messed up all ready with the drink. 😖He took care of me all night (no sex) he gave me the best kiss came morning best I had in a while 😂 this was very helpful thanks ❤️
Miss Pou (3 months ago)
should i poop in front of him?
Dan (3 months ago)
I am looking for videos where women give advice to manipulate. Surprisingly this woman gives advice to just keep it real, which is good. Hopefully she keeps her content honest.
Tateyana Reece (4 months ago)
I don't even think you should have your phone on a date.. you should probably turn it off or something to begin with.
JckSwan (1 month ago)
Great attitude!
Ashley Segal (6 months ago)
😂🤣 love it, thanks
shalini priya (6 months ago)
Hi.. My ex brokeup with me 2 years back.. He never responded me after that.. I loved him so much.. Now i moved on with another guy still have a soft corner for my ex.. I blocked him everywhere.. After 2 years, today he message me and apologise for everything he did with me.... What should i do.. Should i respond or not?? If yes what should i text him back.
Grace Balogun (1 month ago)
Don't respond. Let his message go like the way he let you go
diCkFLavOrEd ToothpasTe (4 months ago)
Suck his balls. He'll get the message
hama prgasc (5 months ago)
hahahaha block him, block him if you have any self respect
JackiRagnari Kattegat (6 months ago)
Listen bimbo.....dating advise of a female is never good .....you know what men want.... is simple ....suck our dicks ..make food and shit the fuck up
Gratitude (6 months ago)
Who should visit whom first in a long distance relationship . ?
scott sanger (7 months ago)
the reason for dating is to find sex partners...........thats it.. The relationship is some fantasy you women concoct in your noggin.
Alisha .T (7 months ago)
I went on a first date with my crush and i was over drunk, it was first date and i kissed him.... ohhhhh!!
Soul Mountain (8 months ago)
When you realize MGTOW will make all of this irrelevant. Enjoy the cats ladies. Men are catching on to your nature.
Arcade X (1 month ago)
+Alex Jones I know!! Dude needs to shut the fuck up! hella cringe
Alex Jones (3 months ago)
How the fuck are you gonna be a self sufficient man if you need guidance on how to be self sufficient. Its not going your own way if you have some neckbeard telling you what to do.
Renée Adolphe (9 months ago)
I am also a dating coach and like the tips you gave!
Renée Adolphe (9 months ago)
Thanks. It is great to have Coaches helping others in dating. It is truly needed. Good luck for us both and I am glad I found your channel!
The Ladies Coach (9 months ago)
Thank you Renee!! Good luck with your channel too! XO
Psalm 144:1 Romans 13 (9 months ago)
Proverbs 31:30  30 Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised.
LadyTaurus95 (9 months ago)
This is all common sense...
alex bez (1 month ago)
LadyTaurus95 Common sense is not that commen
Michael Lockwood (9 months ago)
Okay. In all seriousness, mostly great advice for women.
Michael Lockwood (9 months ago)
Yeah. We never ever want to see your crazy side!
Sanish Maharjan (10 months ago)
As expert, I'm sure Troplusfix Dating Secrets is good way to get laid by hot girl. Why don't you give it a shot? maybe it is going to work for you too.
T Brenneman (10 months ago)
I will say something about my exes because they taught me how to filter men so I will be blunt and say, I was in an abusive relationship and now I know what a psychopath is. Sometimes men have the same experiences since women can be monsters, too, and it actually a good way to bond and gauge where the other person is coming from. And tbh, I don’t want to even MEET for a date with a guy unless I know the guys past. What if HE was abusive. I therefore think this whole don’t ask don’t tell policy about how we have behaved in the past only enables abusers to get a second date, Get you pregnant, and destroy your life, because if you don’t find out what he’s done in the past, you’re the one to blame when you let him in.
vial.of.photons (8 months ago)
How do you identify a psycho on the first date with questions? Wouldn't he simply lie with confidence?
Mar Bat (11 months ago)
without respect to me rule no 1 pump and dumb
MZ Channel (1 year ago)
Hi there, have you considered Troplusfix Dating Secrets yet? Just do a google search. On there you will find a great tips about how you can get laid by hot girl. Why not give it a shot? perhaps it can work for you too.
David Adkins (1 year ago)
What is Troplusfix Dating Secrets and how does it work? I hear most people get laid by hot girl with this popular dating secrets.
Michelle Baxo (1 year ago)
As a Power Love Coach I gotta tell you I totally agree- many people thing being vulnerable means giving a sob story-- that is NOT the kind of vulnerability that attracts men!
morgan may (1 year ago)
Do you think there is a minimum age for dating?
JckSwan (1 month ago)
Not if you live in LA.
royaleena1 (1 year ago)
Her Become More Charming And Romantic womens dating https://bit.ly/2vBPTdG
RearAdmiralTootToot (1 year ago)
2:30 Yes. I don't think I've ever met a single nonfat female who didn't know how to talk about and think only about herself
juiweiYang2000 (10 months ago)
T Brenneman+ Also a look at this article on my blog http://abandonyahweh.blogspot.com/2018/03/cupids-advice-to-christian-women-about.html
juiweiYang2000 (10 months ago)
T Brenneman+ I'm a guy, so I probably won't have the sort of experience you have. Personally, I've been both extremely good looking, extremely ugly and down right average. I my self come from a family of good looking people, mostly from my mother side, so it is DNA. But, I am the stereotypical case of guy that don't give a crap about his appearance, mostly because, my mum is a control freak and like most women she care about her appearance and as a control freak, she is really controlling forcing me to look as good as possible, when I was a kid, my mum get freak out and have a cow, if she felt the way I dress going out does not look good enough and if I go out dress in a manner, she doesn't felt look good enough, it is WW2 at home. As a male, it is extremely annoying, for example, a lot of time, I had to wear cloth a bit too small, to look more slim. It drove me nuts and eventually I explode at my mum completely. So, you image, I care 0 about my appearance, and nothing frustrated me more, then having to put effort into my appearance. When I was a teen, I got so angry at my mum, I intentionally, make my self look as ugly as possible. I use to rub my face against dirty cloth, so I can get as many pimples as possible, just to rebel against my mum wanting me to put effort into my appearance, so, by the time I was 15, I had lots and lots of pimple, it look so bad, kids in my school get gross out, By the time I was 17, I decided to get rid of the pimple, partly because, too many pimple for a long time, make your skin weak and you get sick easily, so I start working to clear it up, including taking some health product, in 1 year, my skin clear up completely, I saw big shocking attitude change amount girls. When I sit on the train, girls from other school sitting next to me even blush. And lots of guys from my school inform me about girls that got a crush on me and wanted my friends to see if they can get me to ask her out. Because I care 0 about my appearance, I tend to let myself go, by the time, I was in 3rd year in university, I have gone from good looking to just average and then lower average, due to working all the time and pulling lots of late night. As I approach my late 20s, I decided I need to start taking better care of my health and started exercising more and is again moving from lower average to upper average again. As a guy, personally, I like been average the most, I don't like been ugly or good looking. I mean been good looking mean you have lots of chance of getting laid, but...let's put it this way, there is a reason why guys in boy band start getting annoyed by all the crazy girls following them around 24/7. Been ugly, you scare yourself looking at yourself looking in the mirror, because you think you saw a ghost. Been average, you can still get girls, but not so much that it freak you out or become annoying and you don't look so ugly you scare yourself and everybody and gross everybody out.
T Brenneman (10 months ago)
juiweiYang2000 thank you...I’ve been called attractive my whole Iife. I’m a video game model etc but I suffer from self-esteem issues because 1. Narcissists target pretty girls and seek to leave them destroyed. And 2. Non-narcissists assume pretty people get everything handed to them so they will compensate by being mean. So both psychopaths and normal people have an issue with interacting with people who are more attractive than they are ... and that ultimately leaves attractive people somewhat stupefied as to who we can trust. I just go everywhere looking busted up, pet my dog and cry a lot, tbh, it helps.
T Brenneman (10 months ago)
You must be attracting narcissists. Learn how to women with good hearts.
edel rupia (1 year ago)
Great dating tips.I completely agree with you.👍
The Ladies Coach (1 year ago)
Thank you Edel!!!
Michelle Baxo (1 year ago)
I totally agree about not talking your past in general or too much about yourself. A good tip for that is to NOT blurt out every thought that comes into your mind. Slow down. I work with clients on being REAL but that also means being PRESENT with the OTHER PERSON.
The Ladies Coach (1 year ago)
Such a great tip too Michelle! Thank you for watching. XOXO
Maxim Petrov (1 year ago)
Many thanks, I been tryin to find out about "dating advice for women from men" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across - Honulian Fascination Inveiglement - (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my partner got amazing results with it.
MZ Channel (1 year ago)
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Gaurab BC BC (1 year ago)
Guys. get laid by hot women does not need to be hard (I used to think it did). I'm going to give you some tips right now. Get a popular dating course called Troplusfix Dating Secrets (search on google). Thanks to it I've totally get rid of my shyness, and finally escaping the friendzone. I probably should not even be talking about it cause I do not really want lots of other guys out there running the same game but whatever. I'm just simply in a excellent mood right now and so I'll share the wealth lol.
Jo Love (1 year ago)
What if the guy brings up marriage and kids
Frances Wolff (1 year ago)
i 5 ad datig. Jk!!!!
Cindy George (1 year ago)
I am looking for fun tonight. check me out
Throwback Tribe (1 year ago)
Yes!! We talk to guys about the same "No No's"!!
Cindy George (1 year ago)
I am looking for a loyal boyfriend. link on my profile
diCkFLavOrEd ToothpasTe (4 months ago)
Im looking for a fine female to polish my balls with her tongue. Possibly whisper to my butthole if things go right.
Enya Epps (1 year ago)
Thank you sm omg 😩👏👏😱😱
pavan shri (4 months ago)
+The Ladies Coach I love you
Enya Epps (1 year ago)
The Ladies Coach 🤭❤️
The Ladies Coach (1 year ago)
Thank you for watching Enya! XO
asmitha asmitha (1 year ago)
Anybody tested out the Troplusfix Dating Secrets (search on google)? I've heard many awesome things about this popular dating secrets.
Joe Jones (1 year ago)
Hey, I really enjoyed your video. As a single guy I found that you had some very good advice! I just wanted to add a bit of caution about asking the guy too much about his goals, career, etc. You do not want the date to sound like a job interview. You most certainly do not want to come across as a lady (gold digger) too interested in the man's financial world. That will come later in a relationship.
The Ladies Coach (1 year ago)
Thank you for your input Joe and thanks for watching!
Enderman Madness (1 year ago)
“One to two drink minimum”🤣🤣🤣
Rd Williams (1 year ago)
Don't let the man know what you are really like or he will run.
Cam G (1 year ago)
Blooper... 😁 2 cute!!! You ROCK
Haley Freeman (1 year ago)
Drunk in love
Haley Freeman (1 year ago)
The Ladies Coach (1 year ago)
nagham lvly (1 year ago)
well done ,keep up.
pavan shri (4 months ago)
+The Ladies Coach oh really it's true
The Ladies Coach (1 year ago)
Thank you!
cyr le (1 year ago)
hahaha so ladies , lady coach think you are so stupid to anderstand men so she tell you damn ass what you have to do hahaha whatch me" i am beautiful and i gonna tell you what you have to do" i can tell you this woman only open he rmouth i will run away so dont be stupid and leave the channel or try your first time with a woman girl ;) hahahah i can see through you
Black Ram (1 year ago)
cyr le MGTOW..... look that up and that will help you females
nagham lvly (1 year ago)
hahahah why abusing are you not a real men. and keep in your mind beautiful is not the quality of the men hahah that is for females hahahahah sorry
The Pharaoh (1 year ago)
I'm never happy on a date I think they are all miserable situations I seriously don't care for these idiotic rituals..Being single is far better these days.
yan zhao (1 month ago)
dont give up just yet what if your dream guy/girl is one centimeter away.
Miss Pou (1 year ago)
I still don't feel like anybody'll ever date me 😣
Jo Jo (2 months ago)
Miss Pou You prob right. Most women are rotten and not worth keeping. Just to try and have a little fun, but move on. And Don’t pretend it’s something bigger than it is.
Alyssa (3 months ago)
because feminism
diCkFLavOrEd ToothpasTe (4 months ago)
I just washed my balls last week. You looking to do the horizontal boogie?
george (1 year ago)
I agree with not talking about your exes. But honestly children and marriage are important to people, i have no problem talking about it.
george (1 year ago)
Im a guy btw
sirscrotum (1 year ago)
What if you have no plans to marry? I'm autistic, I tried damn hard in my 20's and late teens to find a girl friend the old fashioned way, I failed over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over to find a woman in my life. I use to work out, tan, I'd go out to meet women, I failed. I went to Panama Beach Florida on Spring Break to meet a woman if not at least for one night. I failed, unlike all the other men in my troupe. I use to buy women all sorts of gifts and do niceties for them. This also failed to get them to want to go out with me. I went to bars, I went to house parties, frat parties, never found a woman who wanted to get to know me past that social atmosphere. I bought a sportscar with a turbocharger, supposedly women like sportscars. I'd ask women to go out with me for a drive in a sportscar that was quite quick. Never went anywhere with them, they all turned me down and on the rare instance they did go on a date with me, it was one date and never past that. I once landed what was then a good paying job for a 21 year old, roughly $25,000 a year. I use to buy women in my life gifts, they'd say thanks, but nothing ever came of it past that. Once I even spotted another girl at my college with a turbocharged car similar to mine, I parked near her and waited for her to come to her car for lunch, I offered to hang out with her since we both had similar interests, she turned me down. I once even joined a fraterntiy, the fraternity brothers use to meet all sorts of women at my college. I eventually decided while I might get to see women at the fraternity, I probably would never go out with them if they were anything like the other women I had met. I remember I'd be in a room full of scantily clad hotchicks, but just never had it in me to treat them as anything but another human being, since I was under the assumption that if I made any sort of sexual advances or attempt to court them they'd for surely turn me down. I remember once I was in a skating class, I was quite good at skating as a former hockey player, one of the best in the class. I'd try to play around and flirt with the women in my class, and I had the coolest damn car in the group of college kids at the skating rink. I finally one day got the courage to ask one out, she promptly and cold heartedly turned me down. I accepted her decline, but on the drive back home from the ice rink, I would yell with unhinged rage after all I had done to try to be attractive to her, once a fucking gain, I got turned down. I started a POF account, I use to browse craigslist ads for women interested in a romantic relationship, I'd send each woman that sounded interesting an email, and I did this for several months, never getting a reply in return. I even took up magic. I was a magician for a while. Meet a woman, show her a magic trick, she'd find it cute, but never got anywhere past that. I'd try meeting every woman on my college campus, asking for a number here or there, but it never went anywhere. Eventually the women went to my superiors and complained I was sexually harassing them. I was livid when I heard that, I was so incredibly pissed off, here I am trying my fucking heart out to meet a woman, and they stab me in the back and damn near cost me my job. I was starting to get an unhealthy hatred for women in my life at this point, I'd mumble to myself "I hate women....women hate me" over and over and over, under my breath. For a while when I showed up to work, I'd make sure I didn't have my contact lenses in my eyes because I knew if I could not see the women at my college, if they were nothing but a blur at any distance beyond 8 feet, I couldn't possibly be attracted to them. Often times when I would go out for the night to try and meet a woman, I was happier before I left the house, and after I'd come home I'd be in an extremely down and out mood for another night I had been turned down again and again by women I desperately wanted to meet, but people kept telling me I simply "wasn't trying hard enough" to meet a woman to spend my life with so I kept doing it over and over and over. I was however much happier in the years after I was getting a very unhealthy and extreme anger and hatred towards women, when I finally decided to do something about it. I got on a boat to Amsterdam and finally had sex with one of their lovely ladies in their lovely Red Light District. I do not consider marriage a possibility at this point in my life, and after having my heart broken so many times in my life, I don't think I really want to go out with any women to be honest. I've actually grown a stronger attraction and emotional attachment to inanimate objects, like the quartermile cars I use to drive in my 20's, than I ever will another woman. After finally having sex with an extremely beautiful woman, I learned something about my sex drive, that I did not know about it due to having virtually no experience with women prior to that night. I have had my heart broken so many times by women, I can't really get sexually attracted to them anymore UNLESS they're extremely beautiful AND a sex worker. I never try to court women anymore, I never try to let them know I'm attracted to them, because I'm under the automatic assumption, and with plenty of evidence, that it will go nowhere. Basically the only women I can ever find myself ever wanting to have sex with now, is only sex workers/prostitutes, where I know I can skip all the stupid fucking bullshit I use to do that never went anywhere, and pay them 50 euro's or whatever and have sex with them right there on the spot. ANd unlike the rest of society, I actually have an extremely high opinion of the women who are sex workers, they took a guy who was depressed, lonely, suicidal, and had an unhealthy rage towards women, and had sex with me, and a lot of those ill feelings I had simply melted away that night. Currently I have no intentions to try to meet a woman. If someone offers up the idea that I should meet a "significant other" in my life, I immediately get a shock of shivers sent down my spine, and a feeling of loathing and dread and the sheer unhappiness if I tried doing what I did in my late teens and early 20's all over again. But alas, there are the beautiful women in the Red Light District, they don't care if I'm a man down on my luck, a little bit of money, and they'll give me that intimate connection and love with an attractive human female, I spend over a decade attempting to acquire with no success.
21 Gun Salute (1 year ago)
she has some great teeth for oral
Ok Ok (5 months ago)
A T (1 year ago)
What if the guy who kissed you and gave you signs that he likes you, calls you to talk all about his ex and how she wronged him? Why would he even bother passing the lines of a professional relationship then?! Why are men so weird????
Deutsche Patriotin (1 year ago)
English is a so nice languages😍. And I'm a German😬
A Sore Loser (1 year ago)
Cornelia Hodam ok
nancyxtay (2 years ago)
The guy I have been dating recently talks about all of his exes incessantly, has 1 million female friends and shares custody of his dog, yes dog, with his ex fiancé and has access to her house to drop the dog off to her and is still friends with her on Facebook. this all is not acceptable to me but he thinks it's all OK and good to be friends with everyone 😳🔫
Jo Jo (2 months ago)
nancyxtay so then why are you dating him then? Don’t you have any values? Or are his looks and money most important?
Bens Playz (4 months ago)
That must be one confused dog.. 🐶
34thstreetman (5 months ago)
Stop being picky. Men date fat women, women date poor men. And men start acting like men again in this Country.
scott sanger (7 months ago)
Lalah Dixon (2 years ago)
I could tell he loved me. when he. held my hand while sitting on the toilet with diarrhea
scott sanger (7 months ago)
Dare S. (1 year ago)
This is just superb, been searching for "facts about men and women in relationships" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about - Honulian Fascination Inveiglement - (search on google ) ? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my cousin got excellent success with it.
Black Ram (1 year ago)
J88 S , maybe some cooking classes for you would of averted the diarrhea... just saying
Cristina Gil (1 year ago)
Lalah Dixon Lmao 😂 This made my morning!
adrielsae1 (2 years ago)
I'm a guy and I think your tips are awesome. Thank you for making the dating world better. Btw, you are gorgeous!
The Ladies Coach (1 year ago)
We are happy to have you here!
MonaNaturallyMe (2 years ago)
adrielsae1 hahah hitting on her.
Bruce Charlie (2 years ago)
Biggest top tip as a bloke: ask men questions about themselves, hand out a life line question in a akward scilence... just saying
RearAdmiralTootToot (1 year ago)
A T answer: because he's not over his ex and is waiting to get back with her. You are there just to fuck him in the meantime. My apologies from mankind to you.
A T (1 year ago)
Charles Hosford Hi Charles! Question for your male perspective 😁 why would a dude that showed interest in taking you out call you up one day and vent all about his ex to you????
Ainsley Vail (2 years ago)
Ginger Tanase (2 years ago)
This is one piece of the puzzle that Konevita Jelken doesn’t go through in her website. Still I have to thank her for being the one helping hand that made it possible for me to be in a long term relationship with a man that loves me <3
Alexis Daluz (3 years ago)
Jemima Rivas (3 years ago)
new subscription
Ericsurf6 (4 years ago)
Great info here.  Thanks.
The Ladies Coach (1 year ago)
Thank you!
Black Ram (1 year ago)
Ericsurf6 , how's that info going eric?
Jemima Rivas (3 years ago)

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